Saturday, September 7, 2013

Social Media Success

These days, I've actually grown my business large enough that I have much less time for social media and blogging. Though I miss it, they have both served a lovely purpose in my life, helping me to build my dream of business ownership and financial independence.

The beauty of social media is when it is done right, you have access to your potential clients and customers at any time. Your work doesn't stop working even when you do. Social media changes the scope of marketing and customer service, and turns the service industry on its ear.

Let me encourage you to pay particular attention to your online behavior. More and more jobs and almost all clients are going to want to check you out online. While we have this freedom of online expression, let us remember to use it wisely and properly. Share those things that will one day make you smile, make you laugh, maybe even make you cry, but never that which will make you ashamed. Share what is important and lasting because in truth, nothing you put online is ever really gone. Just a friendly reminder from your friendly, southern, social media maven. For more about me, join me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and catch my blog!

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