Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lady Love: Armetria M. Charles

I'm not sure if you all know Armetria just yet, but once you get to know her, there is no way your life won't be enriched with love, laughter and wisdom. She's a gem, pure and simple. She has a class that sets the world at notice. Here's a cool, candid moment under A.C.

Tell us who you are, A.C.
~ I am Armetria M Charles, Child of the Most High, wife, mother of 6 amazing boys, published author, certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker

How did you find the strength to live such an excellent life?
~ I found the strength to live an excellent life when I begin an exploration of Divine Love. Once I began to increase in awareness of God’s love for me, I increased in the ability to radically love myself thus LOVE has been my sustaining power and trust me it’s more than enough.
What attributes do you feel compelled to discuss with other women?
~ I feel compelled to talk to women about Divine Love (from God) and radical self love of course toward themselves. I have found that love is the key that breaks a million spiritual chains of bondage and low self worth. LOVE is and always has been the key.
Let's pretend you're a superhero, what is your superpower characteristic?
~ My superhero power would be healing. I believe many of us are wounded warriors fighting an illusional war that we’ve miscreated. Many will read this and say “I’ve created?” and that would be the mind that I would use my super-power of healing towards. We are NOT victims we are creative Victors.
What makes your coaching relevant today?
~ It’s all about the tools, strategies, and processes I use that makes my coaching relevant. I coach without judgement or criticism. I allow my clients to go there. They can share the good, bad, down-right dirty and indifferent and I encourage that. That’s the first thing that makes my coaching unique and relevant. The world can be so critical and judgmental that it leads one to project an image that is not and was never their own. My coaching environment welcome the “real YOU!” 

Armetria M. Charles is an exciting motivator, spiritual life empowerment coach and inspiring author whose passion is encouraging others to achieve their God-given destiny and equipping us to speak in our God-given authority. Her dream is to enlighten and equip the masses to own their personal greatness. Through motivational speaking and empowerment coaching, Armetria provides individuals with the practical tools and resources to make significant changes in their life. 
In 2012, Armetria M. Charles founded the spiritual and personal development firm, M.E University™ to expand her message of personal and spiritual development for women of all walks, and to ensure the lives she encounters are forever changed through her messages of God’s love.

Her book, “A Journey to Self Love” is a memoir to a path from self-hatred to a path of self love. By showing the readers how she picked up the pieces in her own life, Armetria shares how to use the broken pieces to create a beautiful masterpiece. 
Armetria has journeyed from pain to purpose. She is a faithful wife and devoted mother of six noble sons. Catch her on Facebook!

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Nikki G said...

Very inspiring interview. Congrats and good luck on your journey.