Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bianca Withers, Youthful Strength Personified

I have the pleasure to share a moment with Bianca Withers, a very powerful young lady who is making moves for the Kingdom of God. You want to make connections with her. Enjoy this interview.


Q: Tell us about the real Bianca Withers. What makes your passions come alive?
Wow, the real Bianca Withers… Well I am very down to earth. Really I’m a big kid. At 20 years old I still watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon lol. I love to have fun and I am very playful. What makes my passions come alive? Hmmm… I would say when I see the fruit of my labor operating it makes it all real. Let me explain, when a person comes to me for help I give them Godly advice based off of my experiences and when they use my advice and it works it makes everything that I’ve ever gone through worth it. I guess that answers your question. (Smile) But basically just being able to accomplish my goals in life brings my heart so much joy.

Q: Do you have a special message you hope to communicate?
I do. I want people to know that no matter what you have gone through in life, you NEVER have to settle for the less than the best. Often times we go through so much and we become complacent and we feel like all that we’ve seen is all there will ever be, but I am inclined to believe that GREATER is waiting for us to simply just step into it.

Q: What struggles have you encountered while trying to help others?
One of my BIGGEST struggles was being manipulated and used. My heart is so big. I love hard and when I love I love for real. People have always played that against me. I didn’t realize it until I became an adult but even when I was a child I would have people in their 30’s and 40’s coming to me about their issues and being fairly wise at an early age (12-13) it was a challenge for me because it often left people wondering exactly who am I. In short, they felt like maybe I was too grown or whatever the case was. When in all actuality I never put myself in the position of a “grown up” but they put me in that position when they came to me about grown up issues. Being a researcher, I always tried to “know” what I was talking about so I studied a lot and that became an issue because not only was I speaking in truth, I also was able to provide facts even when they did not agree with my perception or they felt I was too young to really know what I was talking about… but again they always came to me. So as a child that was a major struggle and as an adult it’s a challenge when people know that you have a big heart because a lot of times they will definitely use it against you.

Q: Do you believe it is more difficult to spread a positive message when you're a known Christian?
For me, no. I actually think it is easier personally to spread a positive message being a Christian because that is what people expect out of Christians. Umm… I think that as long as a person actually practices that positive message then people will receive it even when it’s not the norm. 

Q: Tell us about your recent successes. What is going on right now?
Yikes! Um… as of now I am completing my first book entitled “I’m not Him”. It’s about a female Pastor who’s husband is a renown Bishop and everybody knows them but what they don’t know is she initially uses Bishop as a rebound to lure her ex-husband back inside. She has three children by her ex-husband and secretively she still wants to be with him. A series of events take place and she finds her life endangered because she now has two men who deeply love her and it’s a struggle between her spirit and flesh. The project is almost complete. I’ve been writing this particular book since I was in the eighth grade so six years later I am completing it. I also sing in a local group with K.E. Ministries and it is absolutely phenomenal. I am amongst some great artists so it is definitely a privilege. Along with all of that I am apart of an original play entitled “The Odds Against U.S (Urban Statistics)”. I mainly sing in the play but I also have a seen that I am acting in. So needless to say here recently I have been stretched very thin but I do have several events coming up this year with my personal ministry which is ChozenWon Int’l Ministries. 

Q: What words would you use to describe the joy of walking in your purpose?
Exciting, Blessed, Rewarding

It is absolutely an AMAZING feeling to know that you are walking in your purpose. It took me a long time to really understand my purpose. I knew I loved God and I knew that He had called me to a greater level than average but I allowed so many things to distract me from my purpose and now that I have found my way back, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It is the most rewarding career I could have ever chosen. I am back in college working on a degree in Psychology and I love the visions that God has given me for this particular field. I believe that even before I complete my degree God is going to open up doors for me to begin to use what I’ve learned to benefit His Kingdom and at this point I am just ecstatic about the manifestation of my labor. 

Q: If you could say anything to encourage people to follow their dreams, what would it be?
In the word of Chris James (the writer of The Odds Against US) “Dreams are only dreams until you wake up, so wake up and make your dreams a reality!” There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a dream but the key is following that dream. Keep dreaming but also keep pursuing. No matter what people say that you are or that you can or can’t do, you have to believe in yourself. You are looking at someone who has had a bunch of dreams all of my life and I had to realize that one day I could not sleep any longer. I had to get up and work. As long as I stay busy pursuing I didn’t even have time to day dream. Now it has become my routine. Eliminate negative people from your life because they will your dreams into a nightmare for real. Trust God ALL… 100% of the way and I promise you if you put your foot forward, He will carry you the rest of the way.

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