Thursday, March 7, 2013

Behind the Scenes with Fantabulous Arkansas Author, Velda Brotherton

Recently, I was honored to reconnect with a good friend and fellow writer, Velda Brotherton. Below is a bit more about her, a fabulous woman who has an extraordinary storytelling gift!


Q: How would you describe yourself and your writing? 

A: Seeing myself through others eyes is always difficult, but fun. I see an elderly lady set on continuing her writing career until her mind and fingers cease to work. She tries to help other writers when she can, but wonders why more writers don't study their craft more closely. This lady learned all she knows by the seat of her pants and has no formal education in writing.
As for my writing, it's a bit down and dirty, tough for romances. The west was not always a romantic place, but love still occurred in the oddest places. My characters are gutsy women and hardy men who can be kind and gentle, or ornery, depending on the situation. There are always real live characters interacting along with the fictional ones to make the stories more real. Some of the stories are based closely on historical happenings with a touch of my own imagination.
Q: How has being a published author impacted your personal life? 

A: Until my husband retired I traveled alone or with other friends to conferences and for research purposes. We grew much closer when he stopped working and asked if he could come along to a writer's meeting. From that point on he's accompanied me and helped out when I speak or spend two or three days at a conference. We also travel a lot together, which we hadn't done in quite a few years. He  began to do my research when we bought him a computer. He enjoyed spending hours on the Internet looking up obscure facts about people and places. 

We have a small family, and my daughter often reads my manuscripts for me when she has time. She enjoys my writing career nearly as much as I do. My mother was a big supporter of my work prior to her death, and enjoyed reading my romances. Once my son-in-law complained that I wasn't like most grandmothers and he thought I should spend more time with the grandchildren and stop writing those stories that nobody would buy. Now he teases me about getting rich someday when I have a best seller and buying him a new tractor.

Q: What genres do you write and why? 

A: In the beginning I wrote westerns and contemporary tomes I envisioned would one day be the great American novel. When three chapters of a western won first place in a contest, I finished it and submitted it to an editor. He suggested that I turn it into a romance, I did and sold it to Topaz. From then on I've written historical western romances as well as regional historical books. I would still like to do some women's fiction, but am happy writing and selling my tough western historical romances.

Q: Have any other authors influenced you or assisted you in your writing career? 

A: There's one name that always comes to mind when I'm asked this question. Dusty Richards, who is writing his 131st contracted western, shoved me through a door to pitch that first western novel, and he's been my supporter since that time. We've been writing as buddies for 28 years now and I'll be eternally grateful to him for what he's done for me and my writing career. I have to also mention Douglas C. Jones, who wrote some magnificent historical books prior to his death. He got me my first agent and was also a great supporter of my work.

Q: What more do you hope to accomplish with your writing? 

A: Converting my novels to Ebooks on Kindle was a big step for me, but now I'm working to get these same books all on audio. It's difficult to say what may come along in the next few years, but I'll welcome new things and do my best to keep up and keep my books coming. I envision things such as holograms of our books acted out for "readers" and viewers. Learning to do that will sure to goodness be a steep learning curve.

Q: What are you working on these days? 

A: The second book of The Victorians titled ROWENA'S LORD. It follows WILDA'S OUTLAW, which came out in February from The Wild Rose Press. I just finished a novella about the Rose of Cimarron, which has no formal title yet, but will be available on Kindle as soon as my readers get the manuscript back to me.

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