Tuesday, February 26, 2013

People Over Possessions

These days, I'm realizing that people are not all that different. There is a fellowship between all human beings in suffering and dreams. We all suffer through adversity. We all have dreams, even when we're afraid to admit it. For this reason, we have our greatest assets in one another, not things.

It isn't the money or possessions of life that you should rejoice in, or that determines your success or the value of your life. It is the relationships you build, the people you touch and the lives you impact. Money can pay bills and buy things, but it cannot hold your hand when you're sick. It won't rush you to the hospital. It can't comfort you in the event of death of loved ones. Money is a tool, a resource and can never replace the beauty of intimacy in personal relationships, or the wonders of shared inspiration.

Possessions rot away. Cars stop running or go out of style. Houses wear away and fall apart. Jewelry is lost or tarnished. Whatever your money can buy and your hard work can earn, it will all fade away eventually. What will stand, however, is the work we do in the lives of others. How we handle our resources and utilize them for the benefit of our neighbors will determine our legacy. At the end, a good legacy will give you comfort where riches alone will feel hollow.

Let's not forget one another. Let's endeavor to elevate people over possessions and live a life that inspires others to do the same. To catch more of my inspirational posts, join me at Officially Lacresha Hayes.

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