Monday, December 17, 2012

Healthy and Whole- Same Thing?

Does being healthy mean you're whole? Does being whole mean you're healthy? Can you have one without the other? Someone asked me these questions recently and I was about to spout off an answer, but realized that my argument would collapse on itself before I uttered a word. I had to take a moment to ponder the question. Could I be healthy without being whole?

I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this, but after careful consideration, here are mine. Keep in mind that this is my opinion based upon study and life experience.

When someone tells me they're healthy, I automatically think of them as being free of disease and physically limiting conditions. On the other hand, when someone says they're whole, a completely different thought comes to mind. I see them as being not only healthy in the body, but emotionally stable, spiritually in touch and psychologically well. I see them as having sufficient supply in all things. They are complete. 

To further that thought, since being diagnosed with a couple of chronic illnesses myself, I've met some very ill people who are "whole" in every other sense of the word. They are balanced, spiritual, and psychologically sound. Most of them I've spoken with told me that because of the illnesses they have, they had to find a more balanced life. I can attest to that myself, being that I had to learn to adjust and live a different life, more positive and balanced.

Still in the truest sense of the word, I believe you can be healthy without being whole. I also believe that just because you're sick does not mean you cannot maintain your wholeness in every other area. In fact, because of a bad diagnosis, many have become more health and life conscience and found wholeness. 

Whatever your situation, I hope you will never give up the fight against any disease that comes along. For more assistance taking your life back, get my book Cascade of Tears at my website today. God bless.

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