Saturday, December 22, 2012

Five Years of a Beautiful Work

My first national release, The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive, was published in 2007. It has been five beautiful years of testimony, tears and victory since.

I didn't know when this book hit the market that it'd do what it has done for me. I didn't know I'd travel the U.S. and meet wonderful people sharing my story of how I survived in dysfunction and became who I am today. I also didn't know that the abuse I suffered was mild compared to some of the things that happen to others on a daily basis. I had no clue how many voices would join together to move this literary work forward.

I know this book will never win a Pulitzer on composition or style. It wasn't written for that. It wasn't even written for New York Times, but look at where it has been. Unwittingly, I was the 13th person to send a copy of my book to Oprah. Never got on the show, but the fact that 12 other friends were moved enough to send my book before I even thought to do it was inspiring. All across the United States and in foreign countries, thanks to this book, my voice has been heard crying out for people to overcome their pain and stand up in victory. Because of this book, I have a new life. And the funniest part of it all, it was never meant to be a book. I was sitting in jail, arrested for fighting, on probation holds in 3 places and a few thousand dollars of old fines over my head. I was lonely and hurting and didn't understand why and so I began to journal. And on this end of it all, I can truly say that I'm amazed at God and grateful for all my ups and downs. I cannot really be proud of myself if I cannot appreciate the steps that led to me being where I am.

If you hadn't read The Rape of Innocence yet, I highly recommend my book, not just because I wrote it, but because I know what power lies between the cover. I've cried over thousands of testimonies, some of people at the end of their rope and contemplating suicide. This is a great gift idea for holidays or any day. You can get it anywhere books are sold, or you can order from my website directly and receive an autographed copy.

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